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Who is using Provenance
James Kennedy
Kennedy City Bicycles
"There are relatively few products in our modern lives that we can hope to fully deconstruct understand. Bicycles are one of those few, and by using Provenance we're able to show people the processes and materials that go into ours in a simple and concise way"
Showcase the materials you use to make your products
Anna Soderstrom
Fine knitwear
"Provenance is the best place to show exactly what goes into making my scarves, from gathering inspiration to sewing on the tags. If a customer wants to be reassured that I make everything in the UK or has some specific concern about my materials and processes, it's easy to find out here or to get in touch with me personally."
Reach locals by showcasing your work online
Harold Pinchbeck
Watch maker
"We are an independent English watch making company with a long and rich heritage. Maintaining strong values and traditional methods, and communicating these to our customers, is very important to us. Provenance enables a reciprocal communication between maker and shopper which provides a better experience for all!"
Tell the story of the values behind your products
Deborah Thomas
Doe Leather
"Provenance perfectly reflects the ethos behind Doe with its emphasis on transparency, integrity and thoughtful purchasing. It provides an antidote to throwaway fast fashion where there is little regard for conditions of the workplace. Provenance empowers both makers and shoppers."
Demonstrate the process behind your work
Shoppers love the why, not just the what
Provenance is for makers big and small. If you are looking to tell your product stories through your own digital channels we have the tools for you.
Our bespoke product storytelling through e-commerce sites and social channels increases engagement and loyalty through open and honest stories that people love to share.
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